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Hiring an associate chiropractor is an important step in the growth of any practice, one that can turn into a wonderful addition or a terrible disaster.

Step 1: Define the job and the process

It’s critical to begin with, a detailed explanation of the duties, accountability, and performance evaluation for the position. A detailed procedure that includes quality requirements, service levels and the degree of employee autonomy should also be included for how each work should be carried out.

Step 2: Both parties must benefit from hiring an associate

One of the main causes of failure for associates is when one of the parties feels taken advantage of. For instance, senior doctors might work the best hours while the associate is stuck working the unfavorable days and times. Another scenario doomed to failure is the senior doctor not giving the associate a fair split.

Step 3: Matching practice principles is crucial.

Whether you are a subluxation-based, pain-based, or rehabilitation-based practitioner, it is crucial to work with someone who shares your principles. If you are a subluxation/wellness-based doctor and you hire a pain-based graduate, it can be frustrating. This does not imply that one cannot benefit from the experiences of the other, but be prepared for numerous difficulties along the path. Finding someone who is either in line with or willing to advance in the practice’s direction is always preferable.

Step 4: Discuss your objectives openly.

The associate’s objectives—both immediate and long-term—are crucial. The business owner might be considering hiring a long-term partner who would eventually buy them out. An associate, on the other hand, might be considering a temporary position to help pay off some school loans before eventually starting their own firm.

Both the owner and the associate should be honest about their short- and long-term objectives because doing so will benefit them if and when the associateship expires.

Step 5: Don’t focus too much on experience

The likelihood is that an employee can be trained unless the position necessitates a special set of technical abilities. Instead, search for all the qualities that are inherent, such as drive, professionalism, dedication, aptitude for learning, and a desire to lead.

Step 6: The Employment Contract

For the partnership to succeed, both sides must be aware of their obligations and privileges, from perks to duties. In order to do this, a formal employment contract should be created, understood in its whole, accepted, and signed by both sides. If this agreement is to be successful, it must be a fair and equitable arrangement for each side.

Special Note: Hiring a chiropractic associate shouldn’t be taken lightly. You don’t just want to choose the right chiropractor, you have to make sure everyone is busy enough serving patients. To hire the best chiropractic associates, visit –

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