While the majority of people who use Chirocom have positive experiences, we do occasionally receive reports of persons attempting to scam or mislead the community. We’ve discovered that keeping all transactions local and with trusted community members is one of the greatest methods to be secure.

Keep in mind that Chirocom is a local classifieds website, and all ads are reviewed before they appear on the site. If you believe any ad that has been posted is inappropriate, is incorrect, or misleading, please contact us as soon as possible via our contact page.

Please use Chirocom with the following precautions:

  • When purchasing or selling, if you meet in person to properly evaluate the product before exchanging money, meet at a public venue with a large number of people, like in a coffee shop.
  • Consider using your chosen third-party cashless payment option as a secure alternative to carrying cash (at your own discretion). Electronic money transfers are one type of secure cashless payment mechanism (Interact e-transfers). Never send a check or wire money to a vendor. Avoid using services like Western Union or MoneyGram. Scammers will frequently use these services and will even counterfeit paperwork from a reputable company. It’s best to avoid them totally and stick to things close to home!
  • Be aware of communications requesting confirmation of your account, a password change, or an email address change that was not requested. These are frequently phishing emails sent by scammers attempting to obtain access to your account. Any emails we send that require you to log in will direct you to our website. In your web browser, the Chirocom.com sign in page should always appear as secure.
  • Be wary of common frauds. The following are additional in-depth articles about avoiding scams while browsing in the Equipment’s, Real Estate, products & office space, jobs, services areas.
  • Give away no personal or banking information (e.g., social security number, bank account number) through the internet.
  • Report any attempted fraud or questionable emails, advertising, or other activities by community members to Chirocom.com. If you suspect fraud, please make a police complaint and contact us.
  • Use your common sense. If something appears to be a scam or trick please use caution.

How to Avoid Scams:

It’s simple to avoid scams, look at anything before you buy it. If the individual refuses to let you examine the item in person or virtually, take precaution.