• March 1, 2024 4:52 pm

Rare opportunity to purchase a successful San Francisco Bay Area practice and learn from a master in the field of manual therapy and chiropractic.  


For 45 years, Dr. Tom Hendrickson has served the Bay Area and has built a reputation as a superb clinician and healer.  An authority on soft tissue injuries and voted “Best in the Bay” by his peers, Dr. Hendrickson is well-known and deeply respected.  He is now ready to pass on his practice to a doctor who shares his love for soft tissue work and adjusting and believes that the deepest healing comes from heart-centered care.


The Hendrickson Clinic is a beautiful healing space, 1,700 sq ft with five treatment rooms.  Decades of excellent care have developed a devoted patient base.  Hendrickson Method Institute graduates provide massage therapy at the clinic, offering the new owner a passive income stream for increased earning potential. Dr. Hendrickson will offer post-sale support, training the new owner in Hendrickson Method (hendricksonmethod.com), his unique system of soft tissue work and adjusting. The primarily cash collections at the clinic mean reduced reliance on insurance.  The Hendrickson Clinic’s long-term front-desk staff is staying on for a seamless transition.


The practice is priced at $249,000, and listed with a broker, Progressive Practice Sales: https://www.progressivepracticesales.com/berkeley-california.




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